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We have years of experience and a huge inventory of products and supplies. We mainly offer original wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, doors and other things.

We also create and produce paintings of all styles and sizes, architectural art, and carvings in other materials for all markets and requirements. Our Art collection is a selection from the creation and reproduction works of our very own Syuzendo Artists.

Our Goal

Our goal is to continue the tradition of excellent services to our valued customers. We stock a large selection of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Altars and accessories. We also make Butsudan that we can definitely customize to fit your taste in design or carving. You can buy our product of excellent quality at low prices!

We understand what matters, we know what is important and because we're determined to do a great job. We specialize in producing great products to ensure you that we are always here to serve you. We offer you the BEST quality ever!!!

We stock it all, ship it fast and guarantee satisfaction!

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Special Thanks

We would like to use this opportunity to show our gratitude, first of all, to our founder, Juliet Tanaka for inspiring us all the time. Also, to our beloved family, relatives and lifelong staff members who have made us stronger and supported us along the ups and downs of life. Last but not least, to our valued customers for their continuous loyalty. Thank you very much.

Any Questions

Please inquire about any other items you might need and check our website for updates.

Email us at support[at]syuzendo.com